(Sea If You’ll Kiss) Had Instead This Body

Had instead this body
remained as it were
Had instead this body
ignored in utero

But this body’s
a phantom. Break every mirror
And this body’s
a monster. Burn every feature

This body betrays
me. This poor unfortunate soul
Dally with the Witch of the
Sea if you’ll kiss

(Will the King of the
Sea grant that his power make






Starts & Stops + Dry Heaves

I’ve been trying to come out to my best friend for a couple weeks now, even before I started this blog. I could never get time alone with him and his wife together. She’s a dear friend whom I love and respect as well.

Tonight  though, I thought was going to be the day. I wrote a letter that I would show to my friends on my phone. But it didn’t happen. I couldn’t get the two of them alone. Not really. Strange. I was moments away from showing my friend this letter and then the moment was intruded.

I suppose I’m looking for some kind of perfect moment. But there is no such thing. No such thing as Continue reading →